Geographical names

Last up-dated: 24/11/01

List of places appearing in these pages

If no country is given, it can be taken as England. Most entries are listed twice, either as Town (in Area in Country) or as Country, Area, Town, or similar

Altea (in Alicante, Spain)
Amersham (in Buckingham)
Banff (in Scotland)
Belgium, Comines
Belgium, Flanders
Belgium, Ieper
Belgrave Rd. (in London)
Bengal (in India)
Blackfriars (in London)
Brighton (in Sussex)
Buckingham, Amersham
Calcutta (in India)
Cambridge, Ely
Camelsdale Church (in Haslemere, Surrey)
Canterbury (in Kent)
Comines (in Belgium)
Cowes, Northwood
Dum Dum (in India)
Durham, Spittle
Ely (in Cambridge)
Enfield (in London)
Flanders (in Belgium)
France, Gladeon
France, Ham
France, Longueval
Pas de Calais (in France)
Gladeon (nr. Trelon in Nord in France)
Grosvenor St. (in London)
Ham (in France)
Hampshire, Petersfield
Haslemere (in Surrey)
Henrietta St., Cavendish Sq. (in London)
Hospital Farm Cemetary (in Ieper, Belgium)
Ieper, Belgium
India, Bengal, Sineapore
India, Calcutta
India, Calcutta, St John's Cathedral
India, Dum Dum
India, Mukdi
India, Naini Tal
India, New Delhi
Italy, Sicily
Jersey (in Channel Islands)
Kent, Canterbury
Kent, Maidstone
London, Belgrave Rd.
London, Blackfriars Rd.
London, Enfield
London, Grosvenor St.
London, Henrietta St., Cavendish Sq.
Longueval (in Somme in France)
Madrid (in Spain)
Maidstone (in Kent)
Mukdi (in India)Naini Tal (in India)
New Delhi (in India)
Northwood (in Cowes)
Northumberland, Tweedmouth
Norway, Oslo
Oslo (in Norway)
Pas de Calais (in France)
Petersfield (in Hampshire)
Purton (in Wiltshire)
Scotland, Banff
Shermonbury (in Sussex)
Sicily (in Italy)
Sineapore (in Bengal in India)
Somerset, South Petherton
South Petherton (in Somerset)
Spain, Alicante, Altea
Spain, Alicante, Villajoyosa
Spain, Caceres, Tejeda del Tietar
Spain, Madrid
Spittle (in Durham)
St Andrew Undershaft (in London)
St Botolph Bishopsgate (in London)
St Bartolomew the Great (in London)
St John's Cathedral (in Calcutta, India)
St Margaret Lothbury (in London)
St. Martin-in-the-Fields (in London)
St Paul (Canterbury, Kent)
Surrey, Haslemere
Sussex, Brighton
Sussex, Shermonbury)
Syracuse War Cemetary, Sicily, Italy   
Tejeda del Tietar (in Caceres in Spain)
Tweedmouth (in Northumberland)
Villajoyosa (in Alicante, Spain)
Wiltshire, Purton

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