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Descent from Ferquard of Ross to Margaret of Ross (Line 2221) and to Frances Webb Barclay (Line 52)


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Ferquard (Macintagart ?), 1st Earl of Ross, died in about 1251 (A, C)


William, 2nd Earl of Ross, died in May 1274 (A, C) and married Jean Comyn, daughter of William de Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan (A, C)


William, 3rd Earl of Ross, died 28.01.1322 or 1323 (A, C) and married Euphemia (A, C)


Hugh, 4th Earl of Ross, killed at Halidon Hill, 19.07.1333 (A, C) and married twice: 1st in 1308 (C) Maud or Matilda Bruce, daughter of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale, by whom he had 3 children; 2nd, Margaret Graham, daughter of Sir David Graham of Kincardine (A, C), by whom he had 4 children


William (by his father’s first wife), 5th Earl of Ross, Lord of Skye died 09.02.1371-1372 (A, C). He married Mary MacDonald, daughter of Angus Og MacDonald, Lord of the Isles (A, C)

Hugh Ross (by his father’s second wife) of Rarichees, 1st of Balnagown (A, B, C); alive 26.02.1368/9 (C), d. by 10.08.1374 (C); m. Margaret de Barclay (C)

His descent is based on a document in my possession which I know to be mistaken and cannot therefore be trusted. However some of the data is confirmed by Burke’s


Margaret who married Sir David FitzWalter of Hamilton, 2nd of Cadzow (A)

William Ross of Balmagen. Burke’s has only one generation between the Hugh who married Margaret de Barclay and the Hugh who married Janet. The data from Burke’s is given below


William Ross (B, C), 2nd of Balnagowan (C), alive in 10.08.1374 (C), d.1412 (C); married Katherine, daughter of Paul Metyre of Strathcannon (B, C)


Hugh Ross married Janet, daughter of Earl of Sutherland (B) or natural daughter of Earl of Sutherland by Helen Sinclair, d. of Earl of Orkney (C).


William Ross of Little Allen (B, C), killed 11.06.1486 at Alt Charrais (C); married the niece of John, Lord of the Isles (B),  who apparently was Grizel MacDonald, niece of the Lord of the Isles (C)


Walter Ross of Shandwick, d. 10.06.1531 (C); married Janet Julloch (B, C). Married 6 times, this marriage was his first (B)


David Ross of Shandwick, married the daughter of John Clurie of Muleraig (B). Burke’s states he married twice: 1st Janet Simpson; and (2) – Clunes (C). See note at bottom of page.


Robert Ross, Parson of Alness (B), Minioster of Alness in 1588 (C)


William Ross. Succeeded his uncle Andrew Ross to Shandwick (B); b. 1593 (C), d. 20.04.1663; minister of Kincardine 1624-1630 (C); m. (1) Elizabeth, d. of William Campbell of Delnies (C); and (2) Isobel, d. of Hector Douglas of Mulderg (C); leaving by his 1st wife:


Andrew Ross of Shandwick, married Margaret Campbell (B); d. Oct 1675 (C). Burke’s gives two different marriages: (1) Isobel, d. of William Ross of Invercharron (C) by marriage contract dated 13.04.1660 (C); and (2) Lilias, d. of John Dalla, Dean of Ross (C) by marriage contract dated 15.08.1571 (C); leaving by Isobel (C) or by Margaret (B)


Andrew Ross of Shandwick, d. Oct 1733 (C); m. Christina Ross, daughter of William Ross of Gladfield (B, C) or Ardgay (C).


Andrew Ross, Baillie (magistrate) in Tain, married Margaret Campbell, daughter of Colin Campbell (B)


Mary Ross married John Reid, Merchant in Tain (B)


Catherine Reid married John Barclay, Sheriff of Tain (B)


Frances Webb Barclay married 06 Aug 1810, Field Marshal Sir George Pollock, son of David Pollock and Sarah Homeria Parsons. Frances died 12 Sep 1849 (B, D)



A.               The Scots Peerage               for the first five generations 

B.               Private documents               for the descent from Hugh Ross (known to be incorrect)

C.               Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, entry for ROSS OF ROSS AND BALNAGOWAN, CHIEF OF ROSS

D.               Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, entry for MONTAGU-POLLOCK


Generation 10 (David Ross of Shandwick): Burkes states that David's second wife's surname was Clunes. At first I though I had misread the hand written in the pedigree (B), as it was hand-written, i.e., I had mistaken the letter n fo ri but on studying the writing carefully, I still believe that the hand-written taext says Clurie. However I am fairly certain that David married a daughter of John Clunes or Clurie.