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Descent from Gilbert de Hamilton to Elizabeth Hamilton (Line 221)

Last updated: 19 April 2005

Gilbert de Hamilton. There is a possibility that he may have belonged to the Beaumont family (A). He married Isabella Randolph (A), sister of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray (A)


Walter FitzGilbert, 1st of Cadzow (A, C, E), known to be alive in 10 Jan 1294/5 (C, E), 1296 (A, C, E), 1314/5 (C, E) and 1323 (A, C, E), died before 1346 (C, E); married as his 2nd wife, Mary Gordon (A, C, E), daughter of Sir Adam of Gordon (A, C, E – The Scots Peerage assumes she was Sir Adam’s daughter)


Sir David FitzWalter, 2nd of Cadzow (A, C, E), fought at Halidon Hill in 1333 (C) and Durham/Neville’s Cross in 1346 (C, E), alive 1361 (C, E), 1368 (E) and 1371 (C, E) died 1374 (A, C) or before 1378 (E), married Margaret (A, C), "perhaps" (A) or "said to be" (E – The Scots Peerage says her name is not known) the daughter of William, 5th Earl of Ross, Lord of Skye (A, C, E – Burkes accepts she was the Earl’s daughter)


Sir David Hamilton, 3rd of Cadzow (A, C, E), alive in 1375 (C, E), 1378 (C, E) and 1381 (E), died before 14.05.1392 (A, C), before 1392 (E); married Jonetta Keith (A, C) or Janet Keith (E), daughter of Sir William Keith of Galston (A, C, E)


Sir John Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow (A, C, D, E), alive 1392 (C, E), living 1390s (D) released from Tower of London 29 June 1396 (E), married before or about 1388 (E) Janet Douglas (A, C, E), daughter of Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith (A, C, E)


Walter Hamilton of Darngaber (A, D, E), known to be alive in 1420 (A; married as his 1st wife, Helen Douglas (A, D), daughter of Sir Henry Douglas of Lochleven (A, D)


James Hamilton, 1st of Raploch (A, B, D, E), known to be alive in 1440 (A, B), alive 20 May 141 (D, E)


William Hamilton, 2nd of Raploch (B, D, E); married Margaret Baillie (B), daughter of Sir William Baillie of Lamington (B)


Elizabeth Hamilton (B); married William Mure, 1st of Glanderston (B)




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