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Descent from Undweyn to Agnes Maxwell (Line 11)

Last updated:  14 November 2004


Undweyn (A)


Maccus, described as “filius Undweyn” in the Inquisito Davidis (c. 1116) and as “filius Undwain” in a grant of David I (ruled 1124 to 1153) to Melrose Abbey (A)


Herbert de Maccuswell, Sheriff, gave Maccuswell church to Kelso Abbey (A)


Aymer de Makuswell, witnessed a grant to Melrose Abbey as brother of John de Mackuswell towards the end of William the Lion’s reign (1165-1214); Chamberlain of Scotland 1258 to 1260; Justiciar of Galloway 1264. Married Mary M’Gauchen, “heretrix of Mernis” (Mearns) (A). Taylor refers to him as son of John, whereas Paul refers to him as brother and successor.


Sir Herbert de Makeswelle, styled son and heir of “domini Eymeri de Maxwell” in an undated charter (c. 1266); may have been alive in 1300 but family history says he died at Falkirk in 1298 (A).


Sir John Maxwell of Carlaverock, styled son and heir of Herbert of Maxwell dated 1307; known to be alive in 1311 (A)


Sir John Maxwell, styled son of Sir John Maxwell and brother and heir of Sir Eustace Maxwell. Captured by the English at the battle of Neville’s Cross, 17 October 1346, he was sent to the Tower of London where he is believed to have died the following year (A)


Herbert Maxwell of Carlaverock. Received letters of protection from the King of England, dated 15 September 1347 (A)


Sir John Maxwell of Carlaverock; died 15 April 1373; married Christian. There is some doubt as to Sir John’s relationship with Hubert. Some sources state he was his brother but Paul categorically denies that this is possible. Burke’s Peerage implies that John was Herbert’s son by referring to direct descent from Herbert, son of Aymer, to Herbert, Lord Maxwell (C)


Agnes Maxwell; married Robert de Pollok (A)



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