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Amongst my mother's papers I found a number of documents. Those that are marked as links are available directly from this page. The problem is that I feel that some of the documents are somewhat personal and I have therefore decided not to make them directly available from this page. It may well be that I am being excessively cautious. However, if you have a valid reason for wanting to see any of these documents, please contact me  and I will send them to you. I should point out that some of the older documents are difficult to read, either because of the hand-writing or because of the state they are in.

1. Autograph letter from Field Marshall Sir George Pollock to Captain Simmons, of the Board of Trade. Battersea, 1852

2  Hand-written pedigree showing Frances Webb's (Lady Pollock) ancestry of 19 generations.

3  Typed letter from General Ironside to Miss Pollock. Norfolk, 1950

4  Autograph letter from Sir George Pollock to George Pollock (his son).1847

5.  Autograph letter from Sir George Pollock to George Pollock (his son). Cawnpore, India, 1835

6.  Handwritten note, undated, recording the marriage of Richard Chase and Eliza Barnett.

7.  Handwritten family tree, probably written by Alexander Pollock (?), showing sources of information about David Pollock's father, grandfather, uncles and aunts. A note pinned (not stapled or clipped) to the sheet says "This is valueless see pedigree".

8.  Handwritten family tree, probably written by Sir Ronald Pollock, showing ancestry of  David Pollock back to Fulbert de Pollock (1020). This information is probably taken from E.A.L. Cock's ""Pollock Pedigree" (1980). An alternative is that it is one of E.A.L. Cock's notes for writing his book.

9.  Memoir to Illustrate the Origin and Foundation of the Pollock Medal, published for RMA Woolwich by Boddy & Co., 1875. Inside the book were a note from Lilian Pollock to the "Great Great Grandson", dated Xmas 1943; and a type-written copy of 2 letters from Field Marshall Sir Lintorn Simmons to George D. Pollock.

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