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Descent from Richard, Lord of Vernon to Mary Venables-Vernon and to Adela Venables-Vernon (Line 571)

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Richard (feudal Ld of Vernon and holder of many manors at the time of the Domesday Survey 1086) enjoyed a local prominence in the County Palatine of Chester as Baron of Shipbrooke (a subinfeudatory rank (but not a peerage title) conferred by Hugh d’Avranches or Lupus (i.e., ‘Wolf’, so-called from his ferocity and acquisitiveness), Earl of Chester with quasi-regal powers, and had a 2nd son, William de Vernon, great-grandfather of:


Richard de Vernon; m 1171 Avice, dau and coheir of William de Avenell, of Haddon, Derbyshire


Robert, of Nether Haddon


Hawise; m 1231 Gilbert le Franceys, son of Adam le Franceys, son of John le Franceys, of Meaburn, Cumberland


Sir Richard Vernon; m. Margaret de Vipont


Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon; m. 2nd Juliana (dau of William de Vescy, of Alnwick, Northumberland, and Malton, Yorks, and Agnes, dau of William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby of the 1138 creation) thus acquiring Arleston, Derbys


Sir Richard Vernon, dvp by 3 Feb 1322/3; m. Maud, dau and coheir of William de Camville, 2nd Lord (Baron) Camville/Canville


Sir William Vernon, b. 1312/3; m. Margaret, dau of Robert de Stopford


Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon and Arleston; d. 1377; Juliana (sister and heiress of Fulco de Pembruge and dau of Robert/Roger de Pembruge by Juliana Zouche)


Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon and Arleston, b. 1370, d. 1401; m. Jane, dau and heiress of Rhys ap Griffith, of Wichnor, Staffs


Sir Richard Vernon, b. 1390, d. Sep 1451; m. Benedicta (d. of Sir John Ludlow, of Tong, Salop) who d.1444


Sir William Vernon; b. 1416, d. 1467; m. Margaret (dau and heiress of Sir William Swynfen by Jocosa, yst dau of William Durvassal alias Spernore and heiress also of Robert Pype)


Thomas Vernon; m. Anne Ludlow (d. of Sir John Ludlow, of Stokesay and Hodnet, Salop, and Elizabeth [alleged to be the d. of Margaret Audley, d. of 5th Lord Audley, by Richard Grey. 1st Lord Grey; but could have been Margaret’s d. by her 1st husband Sir Roger Vaughan])


Humphrey Vernon, d. 1542; m. Alice (yr d. of Sir John Ludlow)

Sir John Vernon, d. 1545; m. Ellem, d.of Sir John Montgomerie


Thomas Vernon, d. 1556; m. Helena, d. of Ralph Shirley

Sir Henry Vernon of Sudbury, d. 1569; m. Margaret, d. of Humphrey Swinnerton


Walter Vernon of Houndshill, b. 1552, d. 1592; m. Mary, d. of Sir Edward Littleton

Henry Vernon, d. 21 Jun 1592; m. Dorothy, d. of Sir Anthony Heveningham


Sir Edward Vernon, b. 1584, d. 1657, m. 1613 his 3rd cousin Margaret Vernon

Margaret Vernon m. 1613 her 3rd cousin Sir Edward Vernon


Sir Henry Vernon, b. 1615, d. 9 Mar 1657/8; m. Muriel, d. of Sir George Vernon of Haslington


George Vernon, b. 1635, d. 1702; m.(3) Catherine, dau of Sir Thomas Vernon, of Twickenham Park, Middx, London merchant, and sis of 3rd wife of 1st Viscount Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt


Henry Vernon of Sudbury, b. c. 1686, d. 25 Feb 1718/9; m. (1) Anne (only dau and heiress of Thomas Pigot, of Chetwynd, Salop and Mary Venables) who d. April 1714


George Vernon (later Venables-Vernon), 1st Lord Vernon, Baron of Kinderton, b, 9 Feb 1709/10, d. 21 Aug 1780; m.  (3) 10 Apr 1744 Martha Stancourt (d. of 1st Earl Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt) who d. 8 Apr 1794


Henry Venables-Vernon later Sedley (roy licence 19 March 1779) later Venables-Vernon again (on inheriting the title 18 June 1813), 3rd Lord Vernon, Baron of Kinderton; b 17 April 1747, d. 27 Mar 1829; m. (1) 14 Feb 1779 Elizabeth Rebecca Anne Nash alias Sedley (illegitimate dau and heiress of Sir Charles Sedley, 2nd and last Bt, of Nuthall, Notts) who d. 16 Aug 1793

Mary Venables Vernon. She married George Adams (later Anson) of Orgrave, Staffordshire on 5 Jan 1763


George Charles Sedley later Venables-Vernon, 4th Lord Vernon, Baron of Kinderton; b 4 Dec 1779; d. 18 Nov 1835; m. 5 Aug 1802 Frances Maria (only dau and heiress of Adml Sir John Borlase Warren, Bt, GCB, PC) who d. 17 Sep 2837


George John Venables-Vernon later Warren (roy licence 14 Oct 1837), 5th Lord Vernon, Baron of Kinderton; b 22 June 1803, d. 31 May 1866; m. (1) 30 Oct 1824 Isabella Caroline (est dau of Cuthbert Ellison, JP, DL of Hebburn, Co Durham) who d. 14 Oct 1853


Augustus Henry Venables-Vernon, 6th Lord Vernon, Baron of Kinderton; b 1 Feb 1829; d. 1 May 1883; m. 7 June 1851 Lady Harriet Anson (3rd dau of 1st Earl of Lichfield) who d. 15 Feb 1898


Adela Venables-Vernon, b. 12 Oct 1870, d. 1 jan 1931; m. 9 Apr 1896 Rear-Adml Algernon Horatio Anson


All information taken from Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage


Note: Generation 13 shows the descent of two brothers, Humphrey and John, until their great-grandchildren married and had Sir Henry Vernon in generation 17.