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Descent from Stephen Lockhart to Mary Lockhart (Line 231)

Last updated:    20 April 2005

Stephen Lockhart, died c 1165 (A)


Sir Symon Lockhart, died c 1210; gave lands to Kelso Abbey 1174-1199 (A)


Malcolm Lockhart; witnessed a Charter of King Alexander II 15 Sept 1229 (A)


Sir Symon Lockhart, died after 1273; knighted by King Alexander II (1214–49) (A)


Sir Stephen Lockhart 1st of the Lee; d c 1320 (A)


Sir Symon Lockhart 2nd of the Lee, died after 1371. Accompanied ‘The Good’ Sir James Douglas to the Holy Land with the heart of King Robert I (1306–29) 1330 (A)


Alexander Lockhart 3rd of the Lee, died c 1444. Gave his lands to his son and heir by charter 8 Jan 1440/1 (A)


Sir Alan Lockhart 4th of the Lee; married Margaret, dau of John Lockhart of Bar. Had charter from James II 24 Jan 1446/7; knighted by James III by 1467 (A)


Sir James Lockhart 5th of the Lee, died 1502; married a daughter of Hepburn of Hailes. Knighted by James IV by 1497 (A)


James Lockhart 6th of the Lee, died by 1532; married Mary (daughter of William, Master of Somerville, son and apparent heir of John, 3rd Lord Somerville). Succeeded his father 31 May 1517 (A)


Alan Lockhart 7th of the Lee, died Battle of Pinkie 1547; Jean, dau of Sir Hugh Carmichael of that Ilk. Succeeded his father 28 Feb 1532/3 (A)


James Lockhart 8th of the Lee, died c 1585; married Janet, dau of Robert Hamilton of Dalserf. Succeeded his father as a minor 6 Sept 1548 (A)


Sir James Lockhart 9th of the Lee, alive in 1612 (A)


Sir James Lockhart; married Jean, dau of Sir George Auchinleck of Balmanno (A)


Mary Lockhart; married Cornelius Crawford of Jordanhill (A, B)

Sources:    A:     Burkes Peerage and Baronetage – Lockhart of Lee
                 B:     The Shire of Renfrew, by Crawfurd (1710) and Robertson (1818), published in 1818.
                                Copyright 2000, by Archive CD Books, Cinderford, Gloucester