A quick explanation of the origins of this site

For those of you wondering why I should have prepared this site, the following may be of interest

During the summer of 2000, my mother (Jean Pollock, 1914-2000) gave me a pile of papers which she hoped I could use to write a history of her family. She was born in Jersey in December 1914, the younger daughter of Col. Evelyn Pollock, who was himself a grandson of Field Marshal Sir George Pollock and great-grandson of the David Pollock that this site originally centred on. 

Among the material she gave me was a book containing on a family tree prepared by Alexander Pollock in 1939 following the descent from David Pollock, Saddler to King George III and King George IV. Unfortunately this only gave very limited information about his descendants - mainly dates of birth, marriage and death.

Although this site began as a simple list of David the Saddler's descendents I began to include more information about them as well whenever I found anything of interest, whether amongst the papers my mother had left me, on other Internet sites or in books, encyclopaedias, etc. Then I began to add more ancestors, first starting with mine but later including those of other members of the family as well as those of people on the site but not necessarily Pollocks.

This led to a major reconstruction of the site. Instead of being a line of descent from Fulbert to David the Saddler and three trees showing the descent from Davidís three sons, and two or three lines and trees showing the ancestors of those marrying somebody on the site, it has become a series of interconnected trees (showing all the descendants) and lines (showing one line of descendants), but referring exclusively to Fulbertís descendants and their ancestors. A few points to make about these trees and lines:

Each tree shows a maximum of 10 or 12 generations, though wherever there are a large number of descendants, the number of generations may well be smaller. The idea is to make them more readable and they are designed to be printed landscape (i.e. horizontally)

Lines may well include many more generations and are designed to be printed portrait (i.e. vertically).

Female descendants generally link to another tree or line and their descendants are included in the tree or line of their husband. Yes, I know itís unfair Ė and even politically incorrect Ė but this way, I avoid repetition, surnames tend to remain the same in each tree or line and this means smaller trees and lines.

This site only includes Fulbertís descendants (in the form of trees) and the ancestors of those who married his descendants. For example, my great-great grandfather (Sir George Pollock) married Francis Webb Barclay. This site only includes her ancestors in the form of lines of descent going back to the early Earls of Ross or Robert the Bruce. It does not include other descendants from these people. 

The site still includes a list of place-names that appear in the pages, a list of the surnames appearing in the family trees and glossaries of ranks and awards. Then there are the documents that I have (some of them in their original form and others transcribed - but they still haven't all been added), several photographs and some biographies (short ones in the trees and lines, and longer ones as links). And of course there is a list of references to other books and Internet sites which have helped me to collect this information.

There is just one break with Internet/Genealogy etiquette - living people ARE included but only when they are included in other printed material available to the general public or have expressly given permission. However if any of you would rather not be included, please contact me and I will take you off.

And lastly, if you do have any information you would like me to add, just send me a line addressed to pollock at pollock.4mg.com. Forgive me for avoiding the "at" symbol but I can avoid automatic spam this way.

Enjoy yourselves,

Nicholas Gomez